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Astia Health would like to introduce our radiology team

Jami Lotharius is a board certified x-ray tech and is our radiology lead at Astia Health. Many of you have seen her stopping in at the clinics with our portable x-ray machine. Jami brings a smile and excellent patient care to Astia Health. Jami is passionate about providing patients with health care delivered right at their workplace or home.

Amanda Blaschka is a board certified x-ray tech who works part time for Astia Health. Amanda enjoys providing patients with onsite services. Amanda also works in the hospital/ER setting and understands the convenience we bring our clinics with our onsite radiologic services.

Angella Carter is a board certified ultra-sonographer. Angella has 20 years plus experience in ultrasound and brings a sweet smile and hospitality to her patients. Angella enjoys working with patients and providing them with hospital grade services right at their work site/home.

Astia Health is proud to say we have an excellent Radiology Team who will not only bring years of experience but a genuine concern for your well-being. Our goal is to ensure you receive quality services at your convenience. If your visit requires additional imaging ( MRI, CT, outside studies) our team will set those services up for you avoiding the costs associated with an ER visit.

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