Thank you again Astia Health !! Another big issue solved with the Kind Family!! Her toe will feel much better!

Kind Family, Marathon

Thank you Lisa and Mark, your service was outstanding!!! What an awesome service for people, especially with the cost of health care!! Keep up the excellent work!! Absolutely AMAZING!!!

Sheila, Merrill

Thank You to for helping take care of our little guy! It was a neat experience and convenient to come right to us & give us our results right then and there! Highly recommend this top notch, caring and convenient medical care from Astia Health!!!

Michelle, Mosinee

We are VERY impressed with Astia Health and couldn’t be happier! My 94 year old mom needed care, scheduled a telemedicine appointment, X-rays taken, casted and all in her apartment. All this within a matter of an hour and a half!

Rita, Wausau

Wyatt had a fever for two days. We called Astia Health and they came right to our house! The staff was friendly and very patient. We would definitely use this service again. Thanks again Leah, Jessica and Dr Mark for your patience and understanding. Hope this type of health care really takes off!!

Heather, Wausau

I would like to say ‘Thank you’ to Astia Health for taking care of my son Dylan when he was so very sick. Everyone was very nice and the follow-up care has exceeded previous experience! – thanks again!!

Karin, Marathon

This little princess woke up with a nasty cough. I was able to do a live chat with a nurse and Doctor from Astia Health, Inc from my living room. The whole process took less than 20 minutes and we didn’t need to go out in this cold weather!!

Heidi, Weston

I just wanted to write and say, Thank You! You all showed such kindness and compassion to my daughter in a scary situation for her. She is doing good and loving her “big squirter!

Crystal, Athens

My husband had back surgery and a few weeks later, developed a fever and flu symptoms. Not wanting to expose him to the sick patients in a clinic waiting room, we called Astia Health. The response time was awesome and Dr. Sommers diagnosed the problem, pneumonia, right in our living room! My husband was given an IV dose of antibiotic and a prescription for us to fill the next day. Dr. Sommers and his associates were very kind, caring, respectful, and knowledgeable. We could not be more pleased. It was a great experience and we would definitely call them again!

Local Satisfied Patient

Thank you, Astia Heath for your amazing care! I am one of many who are very anxious when in a Doctors care for anything. Your team made sure I was comfortable and relaxed. Everyone was so understanding, caring and so efficient in the care I was given as well as results on the spot no wait needed! Thank you so much and I am so grateful to have you near!

Happy Patient

In my experience, the Astia Health Care team is extremely accommodating, empathetic, and have great customer service! Two very nice down to earth and educated nurses came to our home to check over my son who was developing a cough and was feverish before our family trip. We LOVE your house calls and will be using them in the future. Thank you!!!

Corissa, Marathon

I couldn’t have asked for better care for my daughters! You guys are… the best!! I have never had so much compassion and overall caring when it comes to the health field. I couldn’t be more pleased with our experience bluish. Thanks so much Lisa Sladky Sommers and Alex Sommers for going above and beyond my expectations!

Amanda, Marathon

I just used Astia health and it was great! Watching 5 kids today so …I wasn’t able to get in with my doctor and they took great care of me! I highly recommend!


When I was in need of urgent care, Dr. Sommers and his staff at Astia Health were there for me. They provide a high value and convenient service to the Marathon area with an experienced, professional, and caring team. I am very thankful for their assistance and will recommend them to anyone.

Jason, Edgar WI

Once again Astia went above & beyond! Sat by my bedside, making me as comfortable as possible during the worst migraine I have ever had! It was convenient to have the Astia team come to me instead of having to bring 5 children to an ER room! Thank you so much!

Brooke, Mosinee

Last week, I took my son to Astia Health. They offered to come to my home, but I have to admit I was unconvinced that the doctor could REALLY diagnose what was going on through a monitor. Therefore, I waited and went to the office when a doctor was available. While there, I brought up my concern to Dr. Sommers. He willingly demonstrated to me in detail how the process works. Walking through their doors, we felt welcomed. Dr. Sommers even gave my son a tour of their mobile unit. He came out of the whole experience with a smile on his face! We feel very fortunate to have the Astia Health team right in Marathon. Keep up the great work!

Bev, Edgar, WI