Stress and Anxiety of Going back to School

This time of the year when summer starts to wind down, the school year tends to sneak up on you before you know it. Going back to school can be tough on parents and kids as they are feeling anxiety over the approach of a new school year. From crazy mornings, to last minute projects, the start of the school year can be tough on students and parents alike. Try out the following tips to ease your way into the school year.

Catching up on Sleep:
As school approaches, we may find it tempting to keep the late-night fun going up until the start of school. However, it is not a good idea. Start by adjusting the bedtime to help ease into the transition of school. Go to bed and get up earlier, reflecting the times that kids will need to get up for school. At the same time, adjust your meal times to be more in sync with the school day.

The start of the school year can be a stressful time. Making sure you and your children receive adequate amounts of sleep will go a long way towards lowering your stress levels and ensuring your family starts off the new school year happy and healthy.

Do a brief walk-through:
The start of a new school year can bring other challenges: a new teacher, new room, new classes, possibly a new school and even new friends. Taking advantage of open houses will help them feel more comfortable with their new environment. This will also give the parents an opportunity to meet the child’s teacher or new faculty and find out who else is in their student’s class ahead of time.

Get Ready:
Getting your kids excited about school can be difficult, however, back to school shopping can be a way to make it fun. If your student isn’t one to get excited about buying a new Trapper Keeper or picking out a new lunch box, you can make it quick and painless by just focusing on spending the time together. On the other hand, if they enjoy shopping this is a great opportunity to share in the excitement.

Make sure your child has a workspace to call their own at home. That way, he or she can focus on getting their work done and avoid common disruptions, such as TV or the internet. If your child needs to use a computer for their work look into free web filters which will keep them from browsing unproductive or inappropriate websites.

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