How Are You Treating Your Patients?

Medical providers can use telemedicine services to enhance their practice offerings and add
convenience and value to the patient care experience. Telemedicine is quickly poised to grow to over
7 million users by 2018.




Astia Health is seeking great partners who share our vision of infusing technology and other innovative ideas to make healthcare more affordable and convenient.

Investment in virtual health care solutions with Astia Health offers unique opportunities to enhance your portfolio.

A Critical Component to Today’s Healthcare

In a perfect blend between traditional and modern healthcare, medical providers are able to treat their patients in the comfort of their own home through the use of video chat technology.  The ratio of patients to providers has continued to worsen as the volume of patients grows exponentially (expanded access, EMR requirements, baby boomers, physician burnout/retirement). Telemedicine not only addresses this issue but gives practitioners the ability to  grow their practice while simultaneously improving the patient experience.

Delivering Healthcare to More Patients, in Less Time

Besides the ultimate benefit of being a time-saving alternative to regular in-person visits, the additional benefits of integrating telemedicine into your practice are invaluable. How can you put a price on the ability to treat patients from anywhere?

Benefits of Astia Health’s Telemedicine Platform Include:

  • An enhanced, seamless integration into your existing clinical workflow
  • Ease-of-use for providers
  • An innovative hybrid approach utilizing both local and virtual presence

Developed by Doctors

What makes the Astia Health Telemedicine SaaS model such an incredible asset to medical providers is the fact that it was developed by a team of doctors who sought to provide an innovative, all-encompassing patient telemedicine experience. As a result, the software we have created can dramatically streamline your workflow and enhance the overall virtual experience.

Telemedicine Staffing Solutions Available:

As an additional benefit, Astia Health providers can also offer telemedicine staffing solutions for both long and short term support of your current clinical practice.

Top Components:

  • High Definition Video Quality
  • Easy to Navigate Dashboard
  • iOS Mobile App for Patients
  • White Label Capabilities

Top Features:

  • Screen Sharing
  • Direct Calls Between Providers
  • Nurse Triage
  • SMS Notifications to Providers
  • Care Coordination

Keeping Patient Data Secure

Nothing is more important to us than safeguarding the security of our patient’s private health information. Our software reinforces this, through our HIPAA/HITECH compliance, ensuring our patient’s data is safe and sound. Let us help you incorporate technology and telemedicine into your practice the right way!

Schedule. Connect. Treat.

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