The Power of Telemedicine

power of telemedicine

From the CEO and Founder of Astia Health, Dr. Alex Sommers.

Happy belated Memorial Day weekend! I wanted to share the power of telemedicine and how it’s genuinely making a difference in an important area of patient care, the elderly.

We recently got a patient call from a referral Hospice partner to see an elderly patient who had presumably fallen and sustained a leg injury on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend. They were aware of our service because of our business model of leveraging true mobile ambulatory, hospital level service to your doorstep utilizing paramedicine providers and an all cloud platform.

The power of telemedicine has allowed us to do things in the ambulatory environment that traditionally resulted in an ambulance transfer to the hospital which is costly, inconvenient and undignified for the patient. Not anymore.

This gentleman had many difficult end of life issues, including metastatic malignant disease and other painful conditions. He was a Veteran of the United States Army. He deserved the same quality of service for his health that he pledged to our country.

We were able to arrive on the scene, splinted his obviously fractured leg, confirm findings on X-ray and consult with orthopedics and his family about non-operative care. All this, without ever leaving his room. I myself drove in a Buck’s traction boot with 5 lbs of weights and made sure he was comfortable before leaving.

This was an amazing experience for me and demonstrated the power of telemedicine and the huge difference it made in this man’s life. He did not have to waste his precious hours away from his family undergoing what would have been an extremely painful procedure and would have reduced the quality/quantity of family hours he would have been deprived of. Sadly, our patient passed away within days of his fall.

A sad, however, more dignified ending to his life. One episode of care in a Veteran’s life that truly epitomized the reason for Memorial Day.


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