Frequently Asked Questions For Patients

Astia Health providers include board certified physicians and physician assistants with extensive experience in treating acute illnesses and injuries. This care is supplemented by registered nurses, paramedics, and other practitioners.

Astia Health does not seek to replace your primary care physician. On the contrary, we are passionate about the shared relationship between a patient and their doctor through virtual health services.  However, we recognize that traditional clinics and medical facilities are not always accessible. Traditionally, when a medical situation happens, a trip to an urgent care facility or an emergency room is required. We provide complimentary services to augment your current care when your primary care provider is not readily available, or you require immediate treatment.

Upon calling Astia Health, our trained and certified triage nurses can help determine the best course of action for your medical concern.  If you are experiencing a severe or life threatening condition, please call 911 or immediately visit your nearest local emergency room.  Astia Health is NOT a substitute for emergency care.  Should you experience chest pain or other serious medical concerns, you should seek emergency care at the closest medical facility.

Astia Health’s virtual health services can handle a wide variety of medical conditions. For less complex issues, such as sinusitis, bronchitis, pink eye, skin rashes, and allergies, we can evaluate and treat your condition through a telemedicine encounter.  For more complex problems, such as nosebleeds, asthma attacks, allergic reactions, headaches, vomiting/diarrhea with dehydration, sports injuries, broken bones, and lacerations, our clinic or mobile diagnostic unit can provide an on-site comprehensive evaluation, and subsequent treatment.  This includes on-site labs, x-rays, diagnostic tests, and procedures.  All test results are available immediately which allows us to quickly assess the direction of your care.  The medical professionals partnered with us are not only fully equipped to perform many of the tasks your local urgent care or emergency department complete, but we do so in a more efficient and cost-effective manner.  All of this and more, from the comfort of your home or office.

When medically appropriate, your Astia Health provider can provide prescriptions.  Please note that we do not prescribe certain medications, such as controlled substances and intimacy drugs via our telemedicine portal.  Our mobile diagnostic unit can provide pain medications for acute injuries or other situations requiring immediate pain relief.  Furthermore, some prescriptions can be dispensed on-site, saving you a trip to your local pharmacy.

Medical forms from virtual health services can be supplied if your provider feels that doing so is appropriate.

Astia Health contracts with multiple health insurance providers.  We encourage you to contact your insurance company or Astia Health for a full list of current providers.  In most cases, we will directly bill your insurance provider. We also accept payment at the time of treatment.  This includes, cash, debit or major credit cards.

Astia Health offers a private, secure, HIPAA compliant service.  We ensure that every member of our staff is trained in compliance with HIPAA regulations. You can rest assured knowing that we have many safeguards in place to ensure that all of your healthcare data is secure and protected.

Astia Health can perform laceration repairs, fracture care, drainage of abscesses, vaccinations, sport physical, physicals, drug testing, pre-employment DOT and non-DOT employment screenings, and nearly any other procedure that can be carried out in your local clinic, urgent care or emergency department.  We also offer IV therapy including fluids, medications, and antibiotics.  Our triage nurse can provide further information about specific virtual health services provided.

The cost of your visit will depend on the extent of services needed to diagnose your condition. A telemedicine virtual visit for less complex problems costs as little as $50. For more complex medical conditions and procedures involving our mobile healthcare team, the costs will vary based on the extent of services provided. The average cost of mobile services is around $200. Overall, Astia Health services are structured to provide significant cost savings when compared to that of a traditional emergency department visit, all from the comfort of your home or office.

A high speed internet connection is necessary to use the service for videoconferencing calls from your device.  This includes cable, dsl, high speed cellular and satellite internet.  The quality of the connection is dependent on your internet connectivity.  We can still accommodate your request should you just have a phone connection. Please call us at 1-888-885-4434.

We currently service all areas in the state of Wisconsin.
Currently serving the Marathon County Area.

Yes, our clinic is located at 668 Maratech Ave, #4 Marathon, WI 54448.

Travel Charges

Travel fees are 1/2 off for 10-30 miles and $3/mile for over 30 miles.

Services not covered in this plan – additional charges applied

  • Immunizations
  • Prescription meds
  • Medical equipment: (Crutches, slings, immobilizers, wheelchairs, etc)
  • Workman’s comp or other insurance plans
  • Sports physicals, DOT physicals and DOT drug testing

We can provide patients with a claim history which you may submit to your insurance for deductible application

Payment for services in this plan are expected at time of service. We accept all major credit or debit cards, HSA/FSA cards, checks or cash

Please feel free to call about individual item pricing

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