We are seeking lasting partnerships.

We seek to cultivate long-term partnerships with medical facilities (primary care and specialty) and hospital systems. Are you ready to become a telemedicine partner and usher in the new era of health care services? Together we can provide effective, affordable, quality-driven health care for our patients.

Employers & Insurers

Gain immediate access to quality health care while lowering costs and reach those in remote areas.

Physicians & Practices

Join a community of primary care physicians, specialists and sub-specialists customized to your practice.

Schools & Government

Immediate access to medical services promotes a healthier lifestyle with minimal disruption to daily activities.

Integrating Telemedicine into your business or practice.

Using the latest in innovative technologies, Astia’s telemedicine portal connects telemedicine partners with area colleagues and medical professionals. Our user-friendly dashboard was designed with you in mind, providing effortless navigation proven to increase overall productivity, extending convenient and expedited payment options.

Partnership Perks

HIPAA Certified, Doctor Recommended

Designed from the ground up by experienced doctors with patient and physician ease of use in mind.


Astia’s telemedicine partner portal enables you to outsource the minor medical concerns that monopolize resources. We are fully equipped to handle your patients’ non-emergent medical concerns, freeing up your medical staff to handle patients with more complicated medical needs.


The idea of receiving medical care without having to travel, and at a lower price point is extremely appealing to the general patient population. Astia’s telemedicine portal offers an instantly accessible and convenient option for your patients.


When you partner with Astia Health, you gain access to our secure, easy to use telemedicine portal, extending limitless possibilities to expand your medical facility while simultaneously providing convenient medical care for your patients.


Free up your resources and save the revenue associated with administering non-emergent medical treatments while simultaneously increasing productivity. Happier clinicians, healthier patients, and increased profits: that’s an Astia partnership!

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About Astia Health Partnerships

Save money by adding telemedicine to your business or practice.

You have spent valuable time and resources building your practice with the simple goal of providing quality, affordable health care for your patients. Now imagine what your medical facility would be like if the only thing your physicians and medical staff had to do was simply take care of their patients. Become a telemedicine partner today.