Our Mission

Our Mission

Astia Health aims to shift the balance of power that currently exists in our healthcare services, placing the physicians and patients back in control.  Our goal is to increase access to healthcare for patients while providing health education to the community.  Furthermore, we strive to decrease costs for patients while simultaneously improving the efficiency of healthcare delivery through the use of telemedicine technologies and community paramedicine.  We are here to usher in the new standard for affordable, accessible, quality driven healthcare. 

Our Vision

We seek to provide a fully mobile comprehensive healthcare delivery model that brings health care back into the home of the patient.  Current technologies make doctor/patient  interactions simpler, more efficient, while granting access to smaller medical equipment. It’s time to flip the switch for healthcare.

Our Essential Core Values

  • Quality: To meet our patient’s expectations, we guarantee that our quality of care will meet the highest of expectations in medical standards.  In hiring only the most qualified medical care providers, we not only expect to meet those expectations but to exceed them.
  • Service:  The care we provide will always have the patient’s best interests in mind. Somewhere along the way our healthcare system veered off the path to successfully administering quality healthcare.  Astia Health is here to serve as a guide towards a brighter path.  A path that ensures quality care for everyone, from the comfort of their home.
  • Privacy: We respect your privacy.  At Astia Health, we ensure that every member of our staff is trained to adhere to the latest HIPAA and HITECH requirements of patient care.  We ensure secure handling and storage of our patients’ private information.  You can rest assured knowing that your personal information is safely guarded.
  • Innovation: At Astia Health, we understand that technologies and practices are continuously evolving.  As such, we actively harness present and emerging technologies to provide cutting edge point of service medical care.  We combine these technologies with the highest quality in personal and compassionate care to establish long-term best practices for efficient telemedicine care and paramedicine.
  • Practicality: Telemedicine is the future of patient care.  At Astia Health, we represent the new and evolving healthcare sector.  To remain relevant and successful, we seek to merge seamlessly into the present system.  This not only means ensuring efficient quality care but providing measurable cost savings for stakeholders.  Our aim is not to completely change the existing system, but to bridge the gap that currently exists between the patient and the healthcare system as it currently stands.
  • Resource Management: At Astia Health, we know that we are only as successful as our reputation.  As such, we recognize that we have a responsibility to effectively manage our resources and to improve the health care of the communities we serve.  It’s not enough to merely provide quality care; we aim to provide that care at an affordable price point.

Bringing Healthcare Services Back to the Patient

At Astia Health, we are a forward thinking telemedicine organization with a goal of “turning back the clock” to when healthcare was brought to the patient, not the other way around.  Given the climate of our current digital age, Astia Health takes home healthcare services to the next level, providing initial consultations and follow-up visits via teleconferencing.  The possibilities are limitless.

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