No Pain, No Gain

No Pain, No Gain

When is pain a red flag?
If you experience sharp, acute pain that occurs quickly, rather than gradually building during your workout, like the burn from lactic acid, or if your pain lasts for days after exercise, that’s a warning sign to stop your workout and seek medical attention. Choosing to push through your pain can increase the severity of an injury.  The last thing you want to experience during your fitness journey is an injury that sets you back for days, weeks or even months.

How do you know you’ve reached your limit?
You don’t have to experience pain to know you’ve reached your limit. When posture and technique become compromised due to fatigue, it’s time to give it a rest. Anything that puts your body in a compromised position where it could get hurt is a sign it’s time to stop. The best way to be sure you are maintaining proper posture and technique during your workout is to work with a professional fitness trainer who can spot a breakdown in form and posture during your workout. Muscle shaking and nausea are other physical indicators that you’ve reached your max for the day.

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