One size DOES fit all with Astia Health

Give Your Employees the Healthcare They Need

With Astia’s one-of-a-kind solutions tailored to fit your company’s health care needs you empower a healthier employee population, reduce turnover and focus on growing your business.

Jake from Schuette, Inc

Schuette, Inc – Small Family Owned Business

Schuette’s goal is to provide their employees with high quality health care, optimizing work performance. Working in partnership with Schuette, Astia Health customized a solution to bring health services directly to the client, thus proving that even small businesses of 95 employees can afford onsite clinical services.

Merrill Steel – Large Family Owned Business

Merrill Steel is a proud family-owned company that recognizes that their greatest asset is a healthy workforce. They have proven their dedication by building a full on-site clinic staffed 5 days a week. With Astia Health, Merrill Steel took it even one step further and is offering mobile “housecalls” directly to the homes of it’s employees and their families. It’s this type of dedication which drives employee satisfaction and retention.

Employer Solutions and PMPM Value Option

At Astia our goal is to provide the best in health care to your employees while delivering value to you, the employer. No matter the size of your business, Astia can design a flexible option which brings unparalleled convenience to your employees and significant cost savings to you. Our unique model combines technology, mobility and compassionate care to deliver a health care experience which is unmatched not only in Wisconsin but in the nation.

  • Technology

          • Astia bypasses many of the traditional cost hurdles associated with onsite employer care because we’ve eliminated the need to place a medical provider such as a doctor, physician assistant or nurse practitioner physically onsite. Our telemedicine platform allows our providers to see patients in multiple locations at the same time which substantially reduces costs.
          • Our platform also allows your employees the ability to self-schedule appointments or even be seen on demand through our Get Care Now portal which is available through our website or free iOS app.
          • Our compact and light Access 2 Care telemedicine case is perfect for the small employer with limited space to devote to onsite health. Our case can be set up in an area as small as a 10×12 room. Combined with a provider, such as an EMT, Medic or Nurse and some basic medical supplies this powerful case can provide everything needed for an onsite clinic.
          • No more expensive buildouts, no more high priced medical providers and no more worrying about little to no ROI on your health care investment.

  • Mobility

          • Astia also offers mobile services to your employees and their families. By leveraging our technology and custom vehicles we can bring healthcare to the home just like it used to be when doctors made house calls. This unmatched convenience means you and your employees can avoid costly and time-consuming visits to the ER, Urgent Care or Walk-In. Our mobile services encompass everything from a sore throat to x-rays and casting.

  • Compassionate Care

          • All of Astia’s providers, from our remote clinicians (MD, PA, NP) to our providers in the field (EMT, Medic, Nurse) have multiple years of clinical experience. Our providers not only know what to treat a patient for but how to treat a patient: with compassion, respect and courtesy. Where other providers treat patient care like a turnstile, Astia providers take the time to listen to our patients and treat them like we would our own family. Health care doesn’t have to be a headache anymore. With Astia Health Employer Solutions your employees and their families will engage more with their health, leading to healthier, happier and more productive lives.

  • Cost

          • At Astia we focus on finding the perfect solution for each employer because health care is not “One Size Fits All.” We offer our employer clients a value based pricing model which charges a fixed per member, per month rate for our health care services. For our clients, that means their healthcare costs become more predictable and their budget more stable. If you are interested in learning more or have questions regarding our pricing model contact us today!

ED Visits vs. Astia On-site Solutions

For a business owner, the proof is in the numbers. Typically an Emergency Department visit could average $1500 or more. Many of these situations could be resolved by accessing Astia Health’s diversified services at a fraction of the cost. In the end, you receive identical medical care while allowing your employees to remain at work instead of incurring the lost travel and wait times associated with traditional healthcare. This results in less  company spend and higher productivity.

Here is a breakdown of some of the costs:

Emergency Department Visits

Average Emergency Department
Visit: $1500

Astia Health Visits

If your members utilized Astia Mobile Services or traditional clinic instead of the Emergency Department

Average Astia Health Visit: $260

Keeping Your Employees Happy and Healthy

We Come to You

Our Mobile Medical Unit makes it easy for us to deliver the healthcare your employees need without the space commitment.

On Your Schedule

Our system keeps things organized and works with your schedule to perform annual exams, immunizations, and more.

A Variety of Treatment Options

Use a combination of on-site providers and video chats with Physicians/PA’s/NP’s for a variety of treatments.