Frequently Asked Questions for Clinicians

Astia Health is a mobile integrated healthcare delivery system.  We strive to incorporate technology into today’s healthcare environment through telemedicine, onsite evaluation and treatment modalities.  Astia Health providers include board certified physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants with extensive experience in treating acute illnesses and injuries.  This care is supplemented by registered nurses, paramedics, and other practitioners.  We aim to transform the current healthcare system by using innovative technologies and customer friendly processes to bring healthcare to where is belongs — superior service, high quality clinical care, convenient and accessible at a fraction of the cost 

Astia Health’s telemedicine portal opens up limitless possibilities to expand your practice while simultaneously providing convenient medical care to your patients.  Additionally, our virtual medical platform allows you to generate revenue for your practice, according to your specified availability.  Some examples of the many ways this proves beneficial to both your practice and patients include:

  • Enhanced care:  With Astia’s telemedicine portal you can consult with your most challenging patients more thoroughly through video visits. This leads to better overall compliance and medical care.
  • Patient satisfaction:  Astia’s telemedicine portal offers an instantly accessible and convenient option for your patients.  The result is happier, healthier patients and increased levels of overall satisfaction.
  • Workplace flexibility:  Why stay after a full day of clinic or OR, for hours on end, when you can leave immediately and regain that personal time?  With Astia’s telemedicine portal, you can work from home or the office, defining the specific times that you are available for your patients. Ultimately, the teleportal places you back in charge of your time!
  • Reimbursements for follow-ups: Your time is valuable. Emails and phone consultations are time-consuming tasks that fail to generate any additional revenue.  This presents opportunities to use telemedicine to reevaluate your patients and to be fairly compensated for your time.

In order to protect the privacy and security of your patients, all video encounters must be performed through a HIPAA compliant, fully secure platform.  Astia Health goes to great lengths to ensure that we meet all of the requirements necessary to meet this obligation.  Furthermore, we ensure that our entire staff is trained in compliance with all current HIPAA regulations. Astia’s telemedicine portal offers an extra measure of protection for both you and your patient.

A high speed internet connection is necessary to use the service for videoconferencing calls from your device.  This includes cable, dsl, high speed cellular and satellite internet.  The quality of the connection is dependent on your internet connectivity.  We can still accommodate your request should you just have a phone connection, it will just be more difficult, but we are up to the challenge.

You set the parameters for the types of patients that you are comfortable seeing through the telemedicine portal. Problems such as rashes, conjunctivitis, sinusitis, and other urgent care problems are easily handled. You can also use Astia’s telemedicine platform for follow-up visits to reevaluate wounds and monitor chronic conditions. The possibilities are endless and completely at your discretion.

Astia Health’s portal allows your patients to schedule specific appointment times that work with your schedule. You also have the option of offering on-demand care. Ultimately, the decision is completely left up to you. When you opt to remain virtually “on call”  you will receive notification of a potential patient via text or email. Once this happens you are given the opportunity to confirm whether or not you are immediately available to evaluate the requesting patient’s concerns. Furthermore, your availability to treat patients is at your discretion, changing your availability over time, to reflect changes in your schedule.

At Astia Health, we respect your years of training and experience. Providers are reimbursed similar to that of traditional clinical practice. Contact for further details.

Telemedicine consults and prescriptions are allowed in any state in which youare licensed to practice medicine. As an innovative and evolving area of medicine, there are regulations in place in all 50 states that allow for diagnosis and treatment, including providing prescriptions in most scenarios. Currently in Wisconsin, you are allowed to both consult and prescribe medications through telemedicine services.

You can use the Astia Health platform to e-prescribe medications directly to your patient’s pharmacy.  Administration of prescription medications is at the sole discretion of the healthcare provider.

Astia Health has partnered with a mobile cloud based EMR that is ICD-10 compliant. It is geared specifically towards the iPad and smartphones. There is an option for the customization of templates, E-scribe services, and the platform allows for interoperability with leading EMR’s through standard HL7 interfaces to centralize your patient’s care while minimizing redundancy. We strive to make this process as effortless as possible and look forward to partnering with you.

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