Why Choose Astia Health in Marathon?

Astia Health in Marathon is a walk-in clinic capable of handling everything from minor illnesses/injuries to more complex urgent care. In fact, many issues that would take you to the ER are able to be taken care of at our clinic in Marathon City.

Astia’s founder, Dr. Alex Sommers is a board certified ER physician who trained at Froedert .and has many years of experience at ER’s in both the Milwaukee and Wausau areas.

Mark Wozniak is a PA with over 20 years of ER experience in the Milwaukee area. These 2 combined have the experience to give you top notch care and avoid the ER.*

*If you are experiencing symptoms of a stroke or heart attack please call 911 immediately

Here is a list of services we offer that many walk-ins do not…

  1. IV therapy
  2. Allergic reactions
  3. IV medication
  4. Kidney stones
  5. EKGs
  6. Fractures with splint placement
  7. Fracture reduction
  8. Cast placement
  9. Nebulizer treatments
  10. Lab draws right in the facility
  11. Abdominal Pain
  12. Back pain
  13. Ultrasound right at the clinic or we come to you
  14. X-rays…chest, extremities, abdominal, C-Spine…you name it!
  15. Migraines
  16. Mole removal
  17. Lance abscesses
  18. Pilonidal cysts
  19. Burns
  20. DOT physicals
  21. Lacerations


When your visit requires advanced imaging, Astia is able to work with you to arrange lower cost alternatives. If your illness requires admission to the hospital, many times we are able to arrange for direct admission, avoiding costly ER visits.

In addition, we are contracted with most insurance companies and have moved our billing in house to provide you with the best service possible from the moment you walk in the door until your claim is processed. We believe in continuity of care in every aspect to bring you the best experience possible at every visit.

We have critical care paramedics, nurse/medics with experience in intensive care, emergency room and EMS. In addition we have a pediatric nurse with experience in emergency/ICU nursing. Our staff has multiple years of patient care experience in various settings.

Please contact Astia Health at 888-885-4434 with any questions or visit our website at

Remember: Astia Health can do what no other walk- in can so let us take care of YOU!

Stop Wasting Time in Waiting Rooms

Use Astia Health's services to connect with, schedule and get treated by your doctor with just a smartphone or laptop.

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