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Astia Health Brings Health Care Access to your Fingertips

Astia Health has developed a free iOS app available on the apple store. Don’t have time to run to our clinics…don’t fret. Astia Health has created a solution for you. Download the app Sign up as new patient Verify your email Log in with your email and password you created Click on the GET CARE… Read more »

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The Power of Telemedicine

From the CEO and Founder of Astia Health, Dr. Alex Sommers. Happy belated Memorial Day weekend! I wanted to share the power of telemedicine and how it’s genuinely making a difference in an important area of patient care, the elderly. We recently got a patient call from a referral Hospice partner to see an elderly… Read more »

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Telemedicine Services in the Real World

From the Founder and CEO of Astia Health, Dr. Alex Sommers With the shortage of physicians in the US and the need for convenient, accessible care that is patient-focused it’s a great time to be in the telemedicine industry.  For Astia Health, it gives us the ability to provide a combination of walk-in clinics and… Read more »

Make Dr. Right Your Doctor Right Now; The Best of Both Worlds

Finding the right doctor isn’t easy, and maybe it shouldn’t be. Consider the individual that you are placing the health of your family in someone else’s hands, you need to feel confident that this individual possesses the right experience, qualifications, skills and bedside manner to provide the care you need. In the past finding the… Read more »

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What is Telemedicine? The Doctor is Always In

Between deadlines at work, and the kids’ baseball practice, you haven’t found time to get groceries (let alone plan a meal), so answer this: How are you going to find the time to schedule that follow-up exam with your doctor? The answer is pretty simple, with virtual health. That said, what is telemedicine? Wisconsin-based telemedicine… Read more »