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Summer Vacation: Keep Your Kids Healthy & Active

Summer is a great time for kids to enjoy fun outdoor activities that promote physical health and exercise. Whether you have young children or teens, learn ways to keep your kids healthy and safe while they have an outstanding summer! Beat the heat and the sun. Let’s face the facts: the summer, while fun, is… Read more »

power of telemedicine

The Power of Telemedicine

From the CEO and Founder of Astia Health, Dr. Alex Sommers. Happy belated Memorial Day weekend! I wanted to share the power of telemedicine and how it’s genuinely making a difference in an important area of patient care, the elderly. We recently got a patient call from a referral Hospice partner to see an elderly… Read more »

the zika virus

What’s the Deal with the Zika Virus?

Chances are you have heard about the Zika virus and are worried, and rightly so. Prompted by growing concern that it may cause birth defects, The World Health Organization (WHO) recently declared the Zika virus an international public health emergency. Officials project that as many as four million people could become infected by the end… Read more »

telemedicine services

Telemedicine Services in the Real World

From the Founder and CEO of Astia Health, Dr. Alex Sommers With the shortage of physicians in the US and the need for convenient, accessible care that is patient-focused it’s a great time to be in the telemedicine industry.  For Astia Health, it gives us the ability to provide a combination of walk-in clinics and… Read more »

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Avoiding Germs to Stay Healthy

Germs are everywhere. Every time you touch a door handle, shake a hand or use someone else’s cellphone you place yourself at risk of spreading or receiving germs. Add the cold and flu season into the mix and we all run the risk of catching those annoying seasonal illnesses. When germs are always looking for… Read more »

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How to Keep Your Kids Healthy

Spring may be here, but that doesn’t mean cold and flu season is over! The world is full of pesky little germs looking to infect our kids faster than they can say “ah-choo” but there are ways you can keep your family healthy. Learn how to keep your kids healthy and germ-free. Wash your hands…. Read more »