How Astia Health Services Made Me a Believer

On a Sunday Evening…

As a parent, one of your biggest fears is seeing your child suffering and feeling helpless to fix it. Whether it’s a broken bone, or a cold, the worst feeling in the world is not being able to comfort your own child. I felt this way a couple of weeks ago when my daughter became sick with a nasty cough. It was a Sunday night and none of the clinics in Wausau were even open. That was when I remembered Astia Health who’s radio ads I had heard earlier this week. I had also received a postcard with Astia Health’s services that was currently hanging on my refrigerator. I was curious as to how their virtual healthcare model worked and expressed interest to the owner during their ribbon cutting ceremony.

Giving Telemedicine Services a Shot

I was looking forward to seeing what this new option of healthcare really was. I downloaded the app and used ‘Get Care Now’ which expedited their on-boarding and within minutes I was speaking with a triage nurse about my daughter’s symptoms. This alone was helpful, as I was hesitant about bringing my daughter out in the cold Wisconsin spring. Not to mention having her sit in the Emergency Room for hours with a variety of other individuals suffering from ailments. I immediately felt much more comfortable about the situation keeping my daughter in the comforts of our own home.

New Meaning to Roadside Assistance

f1f7ca68-3f3b-4ed1-9b45-6c17788bf983After the triage nurse took our information, we were connected with Dr. Mark Wozniak who treated my daughter directly through our smartphone right in my kitchen. He was actually on the way to a convention in Minnesota and pulled over onto the side of the road. When I had first heard about Astia Health, I was curious if the video and sound quality would allow them to hear and see the same things a doctor would be able to see in person. Dr. Wozniak was able to hear my daughter’s cough and diagnose it. He kept my daughter smiling through his great bedside manner. Dr. Wozniak had treated my daughter, sent an e-prescription to our pharmacy and got back on the road to his convention. The whole process took maybe 20 minutes, which was even shorter than a drive to the nearest emergency room.


Astia Health Services

Here’s the real kicker, even though Astia Health isn’t currently covered under my insurance, I would continue to use their services over other providers within my network. The ability to reach, connect, and get treatment from doctors without leaving my home is absolutely priceless. I was able to avoid bringing my sick daughter out into the cold and wasting hours in a germ-filled waiting room. Regardless of whether it’s the weekend or late in the evening, I know I’ve got a team of amazing doctors and nurses just a phone call or video chat away.

Stop Wasting Time in Waiting Rooms

Use Astia Health's services to connect with, schedule and get treated by your doctor with just a smartphone or laptop.

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