Astia Health would like to introduce Justin Sladky, Vice President

Justin grew up the youngest of 6 children to Dr. Jim and Mary Sladky. He is a born and raised Wisconsinite having grown up in the small town of Waterford in Southeastern Wisconsin. Being the youngest of 6, Justin took advantage of the skills his other siblings had learned especially when it came to sports. He owes whatever skills he has in basketball, golf and football to his older brothers and sisters and still enjoys playing in the free time he has.

Justin also developed superb listening skills as Sladky family get-togethers usually involved his siblings and father consistently talking over each other in progressively louder tones so butting in to a conversation typically wasn’t an option. These listening skills went on to benefit Justin as he earned his law degree from St. Louis University in St. Louis, Missouri. Following his time working as an attorney in St. Louis, Justin and his beautiful wife Stefanie moved to Wausau where he’s currently working with the rest of the Astia team to bring value and positive change to a health care industry that is inherently broken.

In his spare time Justin loves reading, being a history buff and spending quality time with his wife Stef and their pets. If you ever feel like buying him lunch you can never go wrong with burritos or pizza (except Hawaiian pizza – fruit on pizza is gross).

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