Astia Health: Bringing Back the Modern Day House Call

“During the 1960s, patients would make a phone call and the doctor would arrive at the doorstep, black bag in hand, eager to serve. This changed in the mid to late-1960s as doctors developed group practices.  As medical care expanded to include technology-based studies and specialty referrals, care became more hospital-centered. Prior to World War II, 40 percent of patient encounters were in the home. By the mid-sixties, only 4 to 9 percent of patient encounters were house calls.”

As many of you know history is known to repeat itself. Astia Health is bringing back the house call with a modern day twist. Astia Health is on the cutting edge in the future of medicine. Our providers have experienced firsthand what the problems are in health care today. Most of them have worked in ER settings where these problems are experienced on a daily basis.

Our solution?

Astia Health essentially has developed an urgent care on wheels, bringing you health care directly to the location of your choice. We have skilled paramedics and nurses with years of experience who quite literally bring the Dr./PA/NP to you. Our clinicians bring our telemedicine kit which is integrated with advanced technology to bring the doctor to your home/work. This technology allows the doctor to complete a full head to toe exam on every patient. Time to skip the waiting room! Sore throat, UTI, sprained ankle, stomach flu, influenza, ear infection, bronchitis, etc….we’ve got you covered! So while others sit in crowded ER/Urgent Care waiting rooms, at Astia Health you’ll experience what personalized, convenient and accessible health care can do for you!

Stop Wasting Time in Waiting Rooms

Use Astia Health's services to connect with, schedule and get treated by your doctor with just a smartphone or laptop.

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